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Kemerhan Cave Suites

Situated just a stone's throw away from the historic fabric of Ürgüp, Kemerhan Cave Suites stands out as a unique lodging experience in Cappadocia, merging the distinct cave hotel atmosphere with modern comforts. The hotel's signature arch-like architecture not only reflects the region's rich history and cultural heritage but also promises luxury and serenity. Each room at Kemerhan is a perfect blend of craftsmanship and nature, meticulously carved from rock. As you stay in our rooms equipped with contemporary amenities, you can immerse yourself in the exploration of this unparalleled region's history and beauty. At Kemerhan Cave Suites, guests can savor the authentic flavors of Cappadocia in our restaurant chiseled from stone and relish breathtaking views during sunset from our terrace. We invite you to Kemerhan Cave Suites for an unparalleled Cappadocian experience.
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